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Stefan Roots - Class of 1982

Stefan Roots

Class of 1982

Roots on the Issue of Minority Recruitment in the Early 1980s

Roots discusses his frustration with the administration's lack of effort in recruiting minority students in the early 1980s. 

Roots on his Involvement in the Black Cultural Society in the Late 1970s - Early 1980s

In this segment, Roots describes this involvement the Black Cultural Society of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Roots discusses how the organization was more social in nature than an activist one at this point in its history. 

Roots on the Impact of the ACT 101 Program on his Success in College

In this segment, Roots remembers the poisitive impact of the support he received as a member of the ACT 101 Program, even if he didn't always fully appreciate it at the time. 

Roots on the Struggles of the BCS in the Early 1980s

Roots talks about the lack of strong leadership which characterized the BCS during the early 1980s. 

Roots on His Varied Academic Experiences

In these two excerpts, Roots shares some of his academic experiences at Villanova. He discusses his engineering courses in the first segment. In the second segment, he discusses a unique black studies course in which he was the only student enrolled.

Roots on Early Career After Graduation

Roots talks about his career following his graduation from Villanova. He discusses the combination of combining a technical background with business experience. 

Roots on Advice for Villanova Students

In this final segment, Roots offers some advice to current Villanova students.