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The Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is one of the world's premier research collections in the history of medicine. The unique holdings include over 400 incunables (books printed before 1500), an extensive collection of manuscripts and archives, and a comprehensive collection of 19th and early 20th-century medical journals.

The College Library holds many archival collections related to WWI, including physicians’ private papers and hospitals’ institutional archives. The College Library also holds print materials related to WWI, including medical trade ephemera and monographs. The Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia has many WWI objects, such as Liebreich’s Ophthalmoscope (owned by a WWI German Medical Center), and German and French gas masks.


Notable Collections:

NB: Many items, including some listed below and several others, are not in our online catalog. For more information, please make an appointment to use the College Library.


Ashhurst, Astley Paston Cooper,  1876-1932 Papers. Phila, etc., 1900-1930

Bauer and Black (Firm), Illustrated pamphlets and handbills.

Cloud, Joseph Howard, 1872-1968.  ZZ 10b/1

Dorland, William.  Papers, Memorabilia, clippings, reprints, etc. V.p., 1886-195-. Z 10/69

Kates, Herbert S. , 1894-1947.  Clinical drawings and sketches of buildings, exterior and interiors. Camp Upton, NY., 1917-18.  Z10c/22

Keen, William Williams. Correspondence, and documents Phila. V.p., 1891-1925  [10a/320]

Krumbhaar, Edward Bell:   Also: Gassed autopsies at 16 Gen Hospital, BEF France, May 1916- Feb1919.  V.p., ca 1918-19 [ZZ 8c/35]

McCarthy, Daniel Joseph. Record of his service in World War I. France, etc. 1918. [10c/140]

Norris, George William, 1875-1965. Diary World War I. Phila, 1959.

Outerbridge, George W. (George Whitney), 1881-1967. Manuscript Papers. 3 Boxes. MSS 2/0138-01

Paris, American Hospitals,. Case Reports in English from the Hopital de Charite, Hotel Dieu and Hopital St Louis, etc. Paris, 1819-20  Paris, 1915 [10a/121]

Pennsylvania Dept of Health. Committee of Public safety. Minutes. April 26 1917. [10d/53] Ff 27-73 Report of Suggested locations for PA military Hospitals.

Piper, Edmund Brown, 1881-1935. Correspondence, Speeches and Addresses.

Powell, Lester Lovett, 1875-1939. Diary August 37, 1917- May 8th 1918. –Field Messages, Oct-Nov. 1918 etc. FRA & USA 1917. [10a/494].

Sturgis, Samuel Booth, Papers. Vp 1917-19. [ZZ 10a/21]        

Walsh, Joseph Patrick, 1870-1946. Correspondence, reports, memorabilia, printed items, photographs, etc Vp 1894. [Z 10/185]



Other Institutions:

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The National Archives at Philadelphia

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