Collaborative by design, Home Before the Leaves Fall is a multi-institutional project highlighting materials and resources on the Great War, with articles curated by individual scholars and experts guiding readers through the many threads that weave materials into a narrative tapestry, while social media spotlighting newly digitized content, creative and educational use of materials, and news of other Great War commemorations.

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This page links the descriptions and overviews of the primary material types found in World War I repositories, including: lette…


List of institutions with Great War holdings within the Mid-Atlantic Region and collection overviews.

Works Consulted / Further Reading

Provides a list of all works consulted and lists of recommended additional readings and resources.



February 6th
Episode 10 of the Mail Call podcast takes a closer look at women’s contributions to the war efforts.. Mail Call is also available through iTunes/Apple Podcasts.
October 4th
Now on display from October 4, 2018 through February 20th, 2019, on the 1st floor of Falvey Memorial Library, Villanova University, the exhibit “Now far from home”: the ending of the Great War in Popular Imagination and Culture tells the story of American…
March 16th
Episode 9 of the Mail Call podcast brings to life a selection of wartime correspondence. Mail Call is also available through iTunes/Apple Podcasts.


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