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Episode 10: Women in the War

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Episode 10 Show Notes

This episode takes a closer look at women’s contributions to the war efforts. The war opened more opportunities for women, even before the U.S. officially entered the war in 1917. Although many men disapproved of women’s work, there were also some powerful men who supported roles for women, such as Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels and General John J. Pershing. Women participated as doctors and nurses, as well as organizing numerous activities on the homefront, both in support of the war effort and in support of peace. We begin with some updates on the women’s suffrage movement.

Ardmore Chronicle, January 19, 1918
p. 2: Suffrage Bill Passes House

The woman voter's manual, 1918
p. vii-xii: The Vote and the Voter

Ardmore Chronicle, February 23, 1918
p. 1: Main Line Women in Model Factory
p. 6: Women of Interior Department Doing Big War Work

Ardmore Chronicle, March 2, 1918
p. 2: Mothers to be Should Read Mrs. Monyhan's Letter Published with her Permission (advert)
p. 3: American Women; No Slackers (advert)
p. 6: Girls Juggle Station Baggage in the Capital City

Chicago Ledger, April 20, 1918
p. 15: What Women Are Doing in the War
What About the Farmerettes?
Women’s Medical Corps for Service Over There
Women’s Land Army
Some Do’s and Don’ts for Knitters
Nagging People into Patriotism
Saving War Babies With Jewel Fund
Courage Needed
p. 18: Your Kitchen in War Time

The Catholic Standard and Times, v. 23, no. 28, Saturday, May 25, 1918.
p. 3: Cry from trenches to nurses echoed

The stars and stripes, August 2, 1918
p. 3: 250 WAACS Here to Relieve Men from S.O.S Duty

The Red cross girls in the British trenches / by Margaret Vandercook (1916)
p. 124-137: Chapter IX "But Yet a Woman"


That concludes this episode of Mail Call. Historical documents for this episode were accessed through the digital collections of the Digital Library@Villanova University and the Library of Congress. The theme music is from "Til We Meet Again" as performed by Nicholas Orlando's Orchestra. The Mail Call podcast is a project of Home Before the Leaves Fall: a Great War Centennial Exposition. For more information, visit

This episode featured the voice talents of Beaudry Allen, Gabriella Bernocco, Deborah Bishov, Gina Duffy, Hunter Houtzer, Laura Hutelmyer, Demian Katz, Rob LeBlanc, Ruth Martin, Taras Ortynsky, William Repetto, Kallie Stahl, David Uspal, Marianne Watson, and Sarah Wingo.

Narrator: Chris Hallberg

Editor: Matthew Gray

Editor & Producer: Gabriella Bernocco

Executive Producer: Laura Bang


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