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Episode 6: January to June 1917 (US entry)

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Episode 6 Show Notes:

The Fatherland v. 5 no. 26, January 31, 1917
p. 3: "Mr Wilson’s Sermon on the Mount"

T. P.'s journal for men and women, v. V, no. 59, February, 1917.
p. 93: "The Meaning of America’s Move"

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T. P.'s journal for men and women, v. V, no. 59, February, 1917.
p. viii: LUX soap
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The [New York] Sun, April 7, 1917
p. 1: "President Proclaims War; Many Germans Arrested…"
p. 1: "President’s Proclamation for State of War"

Ardmore Chronicle - Volume XXVIII, No. 27, Saturday, April 7, 1917.
p. 1: "Ardmore Dentist Makes An Appeal"

Viereck's the American weekly, v. VI no. 11, April 18, 1917.
p. 177: "A Plea to the Press"

The Villanovan, Vol. 1. No. 4, June 1917.
p. 33: "The Supreme Test"

Historical documents for this episode were accessed through the digital collections of the Digital Library@Villanova University and the Library of Congress. The theme music is from "Til We Meet Again" as performed by Nicholas Orlando's Orchestra. The Mail Call podcast is a project of Home Before the Leaves Fall: a Great War Centennial Exposition. For more information, visit

This episode featured the voice talents of Laura Bang, Demian Katz, Sarah Marcinik, Amanda McCollom, Courtney Schultz, Nicole Subik, and David Uspal.

Narrator: Chris Hallberg

Producer & Editor: Amanda McCollom

Executive Producer: Laura Bang


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