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Episode 8: July to December 1917 (Russian Revolution, part 2)

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Episode 8 Show Notes

The Washington Herald, No. 3934, July 30, 1917
p. 6: “Africans Hate Teuton Sway British Administrator Says”

The American Ambulance in Russia: "For the Soldiers!"

Harrisburg Telegraph, LXXXVI - No. 25, October 18, 1917
p. 16: “Bolsheviki --- The Danger of Russia”

New York herald, Whole Number: 29,662, November 8, 1917.
p. 9,11: “‘Red Revolt’ Again Menace to Petrograd”

New York herald, Whole Number: 29,6[77?], November 13, 1917, [Incomplete].
p. [9]: “Loyalists and Bolsheviki in Savage Battles”

New York herald, Whole Number: 29,666, November 12, 1917.
p. 3: “Mass Meeting of Women Sends Delegation to Free Pickets”

Ardmore Chronicle - Volume XXVIV [29 sic], No. 8, Saturday, November 24, 1917.
p. 1: “Women Busy Working for Red Cross”

The Washington Times, No. 10,373, Final Edition, December 10, 1917
p. 3: “Jerusalem Long Under Turkish Control Captured by British Expeditionary Forces”

The Villanovan, Vol. 2, No. 2, December 1917
p. [29]: “Knights of Columbus War Activities”

Evening Star (Washington, D.C.), No. 26,902, December 19, 1917
p. 4: “No Hope That Russia Will Return to Allies”


Historical documents for this episode were accessed through the digital collections of the Digital Library @ Villanova University and the Library of Congress. The theme music is from "Til We Meet Again" as performed by Nicholas Orlando's Orchestra. The Mail Call podcast is a project of Home Before the Leaves Fall: a Great War Centennial Exposition. For more information, visit

This episode featured the voice talents of Anne Minicozzi, Demian Katz, Adele Lindenmeyr, Amanda McCollom, Father Joseph Loya, Christine Bucher, Kim Shymer, Nicole Subik, Chris Washburn, and Laura Bang.

Narrator: Chris Hallberg

Producer & Editor: Amanda McCollom

Executive Producers: Laura Bang & Amanda McCollom


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