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Mail Call Episode 2: November 1914 to February 1915

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Episode 2 Show Notes:

The Fra : a Journal of Affirmation v. 14 no. 2 (November 1914)
Page 33-35: “A Family Feud”
Page ix: Advert: "Flowergrams"

Happy days : a paper for young and old, v. XLI, no. 1052, December 12, 1914.
Page 14: Story excerpt: “Fighting Fred Fay, or, a Yankee Boy in the Big War” Chapter XVIII

Ardmore Chronicle, Volume XXVI, No. 12, Saturday, December 26, 1914.
Page 2: “The Christmas Spirit,” “Christmas Homecoming,” “Women As Postoffice Clerks,” Advert: "Ardmore Christmas Club"

Ardmore Chronicle, Volume XXVI, No. 14, Saturday January 9, 1915.
Page 2: excerpt from “Zigzag Fighting in Alsace,” “German Submarine Boat Sank the Formidable,” “Battleship Formidable Sunk,” Advert: "Tea Room"

Ardmore Chronicle, Volume XXVI, No. 17, Saturday January 30, 1915.
Page 2: “Human Voice Sent 4,400 Miles,” “‘Never Again’ -Noyes,” Advert: "Mr. Vivian Ingle"

The Tacoma times., February 11, 1915.
Page 3: “English Captain Tells of Enemies’ Christmas Truce” (Alex)


Historical documents for this episode were accessed through the Digital Library@Villanova University and the Library of Congress's Chronicling America project.

This episode featured the voice talents of: Alexander Williams, Charles Greifenstein, David Uspal, Demian Katz, Laura Bang, Marie Simons, Raamaan McBride, Sarah Wingo, and Susan Riley Stevens.

Narrator: Chris Hallberg

Producers: Chris Hallberg and Raamaan McBride

Executive Producer: Laura Bang [LCB]


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