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The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104  (215) 898-5000


Many of the notable alumna/ae of the University of Pennsylvania fought during the Great War; healed the physical and psychological wounds sustained during the conflict or worked to make the world free from future conflict.  The resources contained in the University Library's Special Collections and the University Archives document many of these activities.  Collection strengths include:  Campus and student life during the conflict, nursing, and pamphlet content.


Notable Collections:

Daily Pennsylvanian-- relevant issues / covers the entire WWI period  []

Pamphlets Collection []

University Archives Digital Image Collection []

World War I Base Hospital Number 20  []


Other Institutions:

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

The Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is one of the world's premier research collections in the history of medicine. The unique holdings include over 400 incunables (books printed before 1500), an extensive collection of manuscripts and archives, and a comprehensive collection of 19th and early 20th-century medical journals.

The Athenaeum of Philadelphia

The description, collection summary, and notable resources for the Athenaeum of Philadelphia

Fort Mifflin on the Delaware

This museum preserves and maintains this Revolutionary War era fort and offers extensive programming to the public.


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