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Works Consulted / Further Reading

The number of primary sources - literature - documents - and realia, broadly considered,  produced by the participants of the Great War - that remain extant and available for consultation, is vast.   The secondary literature is equally considerable, as waves of historical scholarship flow and overflow, revise, revisit and then re-revise again the historical evidence.  

While each article in the Exhibition contains a list of the immediately cited works and consulted references, a broad list of all works consulted, and works recommended for further reading may assist the researcher and reader.

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Further Resources:


This page links the descriptions and overviews of the primary material types found in World War I repositories, including: letters, photographs, scrapbooks, realia, published autobiographies, diaries,and newspapers.

Letters, Diaries and Autobiographies

Life-writings as related to the Great War are described and an overview of some of the canonical texts is provided.


Scrapbooks weave items otherwise considered ephemeral into new stories and are valuable sources for research.


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