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Scrapbooks weave items otherwise considered ephemeral into new stories and are valuable sources for research.


October 9th
Episode 8 of the Mail Call podcast concludes our two-part look at the 1917 Russian Revolutions (featuring content from July to December 1917). Mail Call is also available through iTunes/Apple Podcasts.
September 19th
Over the flat slopes of St. Eloi A wide wall of sand bags. Night, In the silence of desultory men Pottering over small fires, cleaning their mess-tins: To and fro, from the lines, Men walk as on Piccadilly, Making paths in the dark, Through scattered dead horses, Over a dead Belgian’s belly.   The Germans […]
June 26th
Edward Thomas, poet. Died 9 April, 1917. Edward Thomas was perhaps the best of the poets sometimes referred to as Georgians. These traditionalists shared a common love of nature and the English countryside. Although old enough to be excused from service, Thomas enlisted in the Artists’ Rifles where he achieved the rank of corporal before […]

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