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Scrapbooks weave items otherwise considered ephemeral into new stories and are valuable sources for research.


July 1st
  While primarily considered a British offensive, the Battle of the Somme,  which started on July 1, 1916,  one hundred years ago this week, involved troops of many nationalities.  This bloodiest battle of the Great War which would kill over a million soldiers and which serves to this day as the icon for the war’s […]
July 1st
                      The iconic 1917 United States Army recruiting poster done by James M. Flag – was based on the 1914 United Kingdom “Lord Kitchner Wants You” poster.                             Currently displayed on the […]
June 16th
                          The Chicago Ledger was a story paper published in Chicago, Illinois from 1872 until 1924. Available nationally on newsstands at time of publication, this color serial printed on lower quality paper has become one of the rarer items to find intact. Even […]

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