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Pennsylvania State Archives

Pennsylvania State Archives
350 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0090
Phone: (717) 783-3281
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The Pennsylvania State Archives is a bureau within the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the official state historical agency. Holding approximately 250 million pages of records, the primary purpose of the State Archives is to collect, preserve, and make available for study the permanently valuable records of Pennsylvania State government and its interactions with its citizens. The institution also collects the private papers of citizens and organizations relevant to Pennsylvania’s history. 

Draft Board Records, Posters, Photographs, War History Commission Records, World War I Veterans Service Compensation Files, Maps, Letters, Newspapers, and World War I Service Medal Application Cards are just some of the items related to the Great War that researchers may view at the Pennsylvania State Archives.

 Notable Collections Include:

WWI Resources at the Pennsylvania State Archives

WWI Resources at the Pennsylvania State Archives

MG-7 Military Manuscripts Collection

077 - Letters, Samuel & Jacob Obourn, Civil War, 1 letter WWI 13 items 

0247 - 1917, Company D, 8"' Penna. Inf., published and copyrighted by H.H. Stratton, Chattanooga

0248 - n.d., Company D, 8Ih Penna. Inf., "The Soldier's Record, Service in the World War,"

copyright 1917 by H.H. Stratton, Chattanooga

0249 - n.d., Norman W. Kines, Btry D., 313th P.V., signed by Woodrow Wilson

0250 - 1917, Sept. Roll of Honor, Machine Gun Co., 8" Penna. Inf., Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga.

0251 - Co. D, 112"' U.S. Infantry

0288 - 1917, Apr. 7 Navy League Certificate

0289 - 1918, Dec. 28 letter, bill, Air Service, United States Amy, San Antonio to "My Dear Aunt & Cousin"

0290 - 1918-1919, Miss Serface, A.N.C.

0291 - ca. 1918, Map of Environs of Paris

0292 - 1918, Nov. 28 menu, Thanksgiving Day (somewhere in France)     

0293 - n.d., Sketches concerning the 7th artillery piece by 2nd Lt. Roger McElhone Smith

0294 - 1918, May G.A.R. Post Card Collection

0295 - War History Maps – Verdun, Dasnpritoux

0296 - Aug. 1917-Aug. 1918, Illustrated Current News, vol. 1, No. 598-vol. 1, No. 767 1 sheet publication (illustration with caption) published three times a week by Illustrated Current News, Inc., 902 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn. 23 items 1 pk loose; 1918 letter, Charles Obourn, Co. K, 112 U.S. Inf. A.E.F.)

0297 - Log, Penna. Nautical School ship Annapolis

0298 - 1914-1931, 1940-1945 Continuous Service Certificate of Daniel Boyd, US. N.

0299 - 1917-20 Warrant record of James Dervin USMC., Service in Santo Domingo)

 MG-146 Ross A. Hickok Papers, 1768-1943

From Harrisburg, PA Hickok was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and served briefly in World War I.

Correspondence – Letters shed light on Hickok's political, civic, social, cultural, and family involvements, including his association with, among other groups and organizations, the Naval and Military Order of the Spanish-American War, Pennsylvania Council of National Defense and Committee of Public Safety, and the Pennsylvania War History Commission.

MG -156 Edward Martin Papers, 1866-1967 (bulk 1894-1966)

Records and photographs of Governor Edward Martin’s army service during WWI.  Series within this group that contain First World War material include: General Correspondence – including letters written home while serving overseas during WWI; Photographs; Pictorial Review, organization, and news clippings of the 10th PA Infantry, PA National Guard during WWI in 197 and 1918; and Scrapbooks.  Martin served as a Major during WWI and was wounded and gassed while fighting in Europe.   

MG-196 Horace M. Engle Collection

WWI Anti-German Notes, Etc., 1916-18, "The Prophet"

Clippings- N.Y. Newspaper From scrapbook, Henry Ward Beecher:

WWI - techn & social 1918; “preparedness,” 1917

 MG-200 – Poster Collection

129. WWI - Liberty Loan (victory) "Finish the Job"

130. WWI - Liberty Loan (victory) For Home and Country''

131. WWI - Liber ty Loan (victor y) "Honor Roll"

132. WWI - Liberty Loan (victory) "Honor Roll"

133. WW I - Liberty Loan (victory) "Household 100% Honor Emblem"

134. WWI- Liberty Loan (victory) "Invest!” "V"

135. WWI - Liberty Loan (victory) "Subscriber"

136. WWI - Liberty Loan (victory) "Sure! We'll Finish the Job”

137. WWI - Liberty Loan (victory) “They Kept the Sea Lanes Open"

138. WWI - Liberty Loan (victory) "V"

139. WWI- Liberty Loan (victory) “V” “invest"

140. WWI – Liberty Loan (victory) "Wear your Button" "V"

141. WWI - Liberty Loan (Misc.) "Bonds buy Bullets!"

142. WWI - Liberty Loan (Misc.) First U.S. Soldiers who died on French soil, 1917

143. WWI - Liberty Loan (Misc.) "Government of the People. . . .”' A. Lincoln

144. WWI - Liberty Loan "He is keeping open the road to France"

145. WWI - Liberty Loan (Misc.) "We can Save a few Dollars a week for him"

146. WWI - Library, Public "Use it!

147. WWI - Library War Service "Back to the Job" Camp Library

148. WWI - Library War Service Camp Beauregard, La., etc.

149. WWI - Library War Service Camp Devens, Mass., etc.

150. WWI - Library War Service Camp Funston, Kansas

151. WWI - Library War Service "The Camp Library is Yours”'

152. WWI - Library War Service Camp Travis, Texas, etc.

153. WWI - Library War Service Great Lakes, etc.

154. WWI - Library War Service "Knowledge Wins"

155. WWI - Library War Service "A Necessary Part of Your Equipment” Camp Library

156. WWI - Library War Service "Why Not Advance”

157. WWI - Library War Service ''Yanks in Germany want more Books"

157A. WWI – Recruiting "Ships Will Win the War"

158. WWI Recruiting "Each Recruit Brings Peace Nearer"

159. WWI – Recruiting “Forward to Victory"

160. WWI – Recruiting "Join the brave throng that goes marching along"

161. WWI – Recruiting Kitchener speaking at Guildhall, 7/9/15 Quote

162. WWI - Recruiting "Take up the sword of justice"

163. WWI – Recruiting, “Register for Selective Service”

164. WWI – Recruiting "I Want You" (Uncle Sam) U.S. Army Recruiting Station

165. WWI – Recruiting ''Wanted ! 500 Bakers" U.S. Army

166. WWI – Recruiting "Be an American Eagle" U. S. Army Air Service

167. W WI – Recruiting "Team Work Wins" U.S. Army Ordnance Dept.

167A. WWI – Recruiting "Halt! Who Goes There?" U.S. Marines

168. WWI – Recruiting "Join. . .” U.S. Marines

169. WWI – Recruiting "Spirit of 1917" U.S. Marines

170. WWI - "Tell that to the Marines" "Huns Kill Women and 'Children"

171. WWI – Recruiting "Don't Read American History - Make It!"

172. WWI – Recruiting "Make Every Minute Count for Pershing" U.S. Shipping Board

173. WWI – Recruiting "On the Job for Victory"

174. WWI – Recruiting "On the Job for Victory" U.S. Shipping Board

175. WWI – Recruiting Schwab, Charles M., Director General, Quote U. S. Shipping Board

176. WWI – Recruiting "Teamwork Builds Ships" U.S. Shipping Board

177. WWI – Recruiting “Your Work Means Victory" U. S. Shipping Board

178. WWI – Recruiting "Uphold the Tradition of Indiana” National Guard

179. WWI - Red Cross "American Fund for French Wounded"

180. WWI - Red Cross Christmas Roll Call

181. WWI – Red Cross Christmas Roll Call

182. WWI- Red Cross Christmas Roll Call "The Greatest Mother in the World"

183. WWI - Red Cross Christmas Roll Call “I summon you to comradeship" Woodrow Wilson Quote

184. WWI - Red Cross Christmas Roll Call" Universal Membership Week"

185. WWI – Red Cross "The Greatest Mother in the World"

186. WWI – Red Cross "Have you a Red Cross Service Flag?”

187. WWI – Red Cross "He Can Win!"

188. WWI – Red Cross "Help the Red Cross"

189. WWI - Red Cross "Put Fighting Blood in Your Business"

190. WWI - Red Cross "Our Boys Need Sox, Knit Your Bit"

191. WWI - Red Cross War Fund Week "The First Three!"

192. WWI - Red Cross "What are you doing Help?"

193. WWI - Red Cross "What Can You Do?"

194. WW I - Red Cross [In French]

195. WWI - Red Cross [In French]

196. WWI – Red Cross [In French]

197. WWI - Red Cross [In French]

198. WWI - Red Cross "At Work Again"

199. WWI - Red Cross "Back Home"

200. WWI - "The Blind 'Come Back' to Play as Well as Work"

201. WWI - "The Disabled Man Who Is Profitably Employed Is No Longer Handicapped”

202. WWI - "Facts of Interest to the for the Blind Disabled Soldier or Sailor"

203. WWI – Red Cross "First Steps to Usefulness"

204. WWI - "In France Two Popular for the Blind Trades Taught Disabled Soldiers Are Cabinet-making and Tailoring"

205. WWI - Red Cross "Future Members of the Fourth Estate”

206. WWI - Red Cross "Future Shipworkers "A One-Armed Welder"

207. WWI - Red Cross "Good Use of Time in Hospital"

208. WWI - Red Cross "India Restores Her War Cripples"

209. WWI - Red Cross "Learning to Walk for the Second Time”

210. WWI - Red Cross "No Longer Out of a Job"

211. WWI - Red Cross "Reading and Writing are not Lost Arts to Blinded Men”

212. WWI - Red Cross "What can the Blinded Man DO. . .”

213. WWI - Red Cross “With Compass and T-Square"

214. WWI - Red Cross, Junior "Comrades All"

215. WWI - Red Cross, Junior "Happy Children"

216. WWI Salvation Army “Home Service Fund Campaign"

217. WWI - Travel, Belgian

218. Pre WWI - Travel, [French] Paris to London

218A. WWI - Travel, South African Union - Castle Line

219. Post WWI U.S. Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission "We the People"

220. WWI - United War Work Campaign “Barbarism versus Civilization" Fundraising Sixth District of Penna.

221. WWI - United War Work Campaign Church Poster

222. WWI – United War Work Campaign "Every Girl Pulling for Victory"

223. WWI - United War Work Campaign "For Your BOY"

224. WWI – United War Work Campaign "Help the 'Y' Help the Fighters Fight"

225. WWI - United War Work Campaign "His Home Over There"

226. WWI - United War Work Campaign Library War Service, Map of War Libraries in U.S.

227. WWI – United War Work Campaign Pershing cablegram of 8/21/18 Quote

228. WWI - United War Work Campaign "United We Serve"

229. WWI - United War Work Campaign "War Camp Community Service" "A Club Dinner"

230. WWI - United War Work Campaign “War Camp Community Service" "Home Hospitality"

231. WWI - United War Work Campaign Jewish Welfare Board "We need all the help and comfort you can give”

232. WWI - United War Work Campaign "The Women of France"

233. WWI - War Savings Stamps "Buy for Victory"

234. WWI - War Savings Stamps "Help Stop This" [Hun]

235. WWI- War Saving Stamps "Joan of Arc Saved France"

236. WWI - War Savings Stamps "On Sale Here"

237. WWI - War Savings Stamps "Save your child from Autocracy and Poverty"

238. WWI - "War Trophy Train"

239. WWI - Y.W.C.A. "For Every Fighter a Woman Worker''

240. WWI - Y.W.C.A. “Remember the Girl Behind the Man Behind the Gun"

241. WWI - Y.W.C.A. "Welcome to the Y.W.C.A. Hostess House"

 MG-218 Photograph Collections

Publication: "A Short History and Illustrated Roster of the 112th Infantry Army of the United States," Philadelphia: Edward Stern & Co., Inc., 1918 (1 vol.)

3.) 8th Pennsylvania Infantry, Camp Stewart, El Paso, Texas, 1917, Photographer: G. U. Medley & Shulman, El Paso, Texas (1 item)

4.) Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., Feb. 1918 (1 item)

5.) 112th Infantry Regiment, Le Mano France, April 6, 1919, Photographer: Ewing Inc., Little Rock, Ark. (1 item)

6.) Battery F., 108th Field Artillery, Le Mans, France, April 10, 1919, Photographer: Ewing Inc., Little Rock, Ark. (1 item) 

7.) 107th Machine Gun Battalion, Photographer: Fletcher, Washington DC undated (1 item), not found as of 7/27/01

8.) Conferring Distinguished Service Crosses, Le mans, France, Photographer: Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, La, undated (1 item)

W21.) Edward Martin

1.) Headquarters; 110th Infantry, Major Martin Commanding, Orcq River, July 30, 1918 (1 item)

2.) Citation: Distinguished Service Cross, April 8, 1919 (1 item)

3.) Courmont France, June 1928 and Varennes France May 1928 (2 items)

6.) [Edward Martin] in uniform, undated (1 item)


W30.) Apremont in the Argonne, Copyright 1919, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1 item)

W31.) Dormans showing Marne River, Copyright 1919, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1 item)

W32.) Chatel Chehery in the Argonne, Copyright, 1919, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1 item)

W34.) Pershing Review, Mt. Gretna, 1924, Photographer: Harpel (1 item)

W35.) American Cemetery, Cohan, France and Argonne Cemetery, Romagne, France Copyright

W36.) Fleville in the Argonne, Copyright 1919, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1 item)

W37.) German Dugouts at Varennes on Hindenburg Line, Copyright 1919, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1 item)

W38.) Vigneulle, St. Miniel Sector, Copyright 1919, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1 item)

W39.) Conferring distinguished Services Crosses, 28th Division, LeMans, France, undated, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana(1 item)

W40.) Birdseye View, Chateau Thierry, Copyright 1919, Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1 item)

W43.) General Pershing, undated (1 item) (folder 30-13)

X13.) US Army Troops at Army Reserve Depot, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, 1919

1.) No. 3 Photograph shows 5 Army units, 3 comprised of black soldiers, March 2, 1919 (1 item)

2.) Officers of Army Reserve Units, undated (1 item)

 Y. World War I

Y1.) Stereographs relating to the war by Keptone View Co. (Inc. US Battleship Pennsylvania)

Y2.) Grave of Pvt. Frank P. Hawk, Memorial card, and cover note from the American Red Cross, Washington DC 1918

Y3.) Photograph of the 8th Pennsylvania Infantry, Col. Maurice E. Finney Commanding, Camp Stewart, El Paso, Texas)

Y4.) Ralph Foltz, Co. C 16th US Army 1917-1919

Y5.) Stereographs, unidentified, undated

Y6.) Unidentified WW I


AA. Portraits

Photo Album, Harrisburg area (Inc. unidentified portraits, WWI soldiers, KKK members, blacks,

capitol (new), Millerstown RR Station, City Hall Philadelphia) undated

 MG-236 Donald C. Todd Collection

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, rosters, service records, maps, photographs, etc. pertaining to the World War I service of Donald C. Todd, native of Pittsburgh, as a sergeant, Company D, 15th U. S. Engineer Regiment, A. E. F. Materials also concern subsequent activities of the veterans of the 15th U.S. Engineer Regiment.

  • Service Records, 1917-1919, 1941.
  • Correspondence, 1916-1919, 1935, 1937-1942, 1970
  • Certificates for Commemorative Medals, 1916, 1936.
  • Clippings, 1917-1919, 1927, 1939, 1940, 1942, undated.
  • Maps, 1918, 1919.
  • Photographs, 1917, 1928, undated.

MG-272 – Pennsylvania Military Museum Collections

Two original etchings of WWI soldiers by Kerr Eby, undated.

MAGAZINES, 1918-1919, 1944-1945, undated. (2 oversized folders)
Untitled war atlas, undated.
Mid-Week Pictorial, December 26, 1918.
Midweek Pictorial, July 3, 1919 (Versailles edition).
Midweek Pictorial, 1919 (Argonne edition).

MAPS, 1918, 1920, undated.
Map of Major Offensives of World War I, 1920.
French Frontiers, undated.
France, undated.
Unknown, undated.
Reims, undated.
Unknown German map, undated.
Unknown French map, undated.
Alter Rhein, undated.

Chambley Map, Sketch Showing the Advance on November 10th and the Position Held by the 2nd Battalion 111th Infantry, November 11, 1918.

MEMORABILIA, 1918, undated.
Booklet, The Partridge Inn, Augusta, GA, undated.
Souvenir picture booklet of Annapolis Valley, NS, undated.
Assignment card for SS Carmania, May 1918.
Order De Transport, Le Havre to Vanner, June 1918.

 NEWSPAPERS, 1917-1919, 1927, 1944-1945, 1951-1952.
Trench and Camp, October 1917.
Altoona Mirror, July 14, 1917.
Lancaster News Journal, October 16, 1919.

Public Ledger, Philadelphia, September 12, 1917.
American Daily Mail, November 10, 1918.
New York Herald (European edition), November 10, 1918.
New York Herald, November 20, 1918.
Chicago Tribune, December 27, 1918.
Excelsior, Paris, September 20, 1927.

New York Times, August 11, 1918.
New York Times, October 27, 1918.
Pittsburgh Gazette, May 8, 1919.


Machine Gun Troop 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, 1917.

110th US Infantry, Camp Hancock, 1918.

Troop I 19th Cavalry, Fort Ethan Allen, Utah, 1917.

112th Infantry Regiment, Le Mans, France, April 1919.

"Spirit of the American Expeditionary Forces" (Pershing), Vaux, France, 1918.

112th Infantry Supply Company, Le Mans, France, April 1919.

Company B 6th Infantry, Mt. Gretna, 1915.
107th Field Artillery, Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1915.
Battery B 1st Pennsylvania Field Artillery, Pittsburgh, August 1917.
Battery B 108th Field Artillery, Le Mans, France, April 1919.

Pennsylvania Division - north on the border, Camp Stewart, El Paso, Texas, 1916.

Headquarters Company 112th Infantry with roster, April 1919.
112th Regiment, Le Mans, France, April 1919.

Troop H 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Pittsburgh, August 1917.

 POSTERS (Financial), 1917, 1918, undated.
"Buy War Stamps", undated.
Third Liberty Loan, undated.
21st Ward Victory Liberty Loan, undated.
"Buy Your Liberty Bond Today", undated.
Second Liberty Loan of 1917, 1917.
War Savings Stamps, undated.
"Every Liberty Loan is a Shot at a U-Boat", undated.
Liberty Month, 1918.
June 28 Enlistment Day, undated.
US Government Liberty Bonds Mean Freedom for All Forever", undated.

"Come On, Buy Liberty Bonds", 1918.
"We Clear the Way for Your Fighting Dollars", undated.
"Bonds for Bullets", undated.
"Hun or Home": Buy More Liberty Bonds, undated.
"USA Bonds, Weapons for Liberty", undated.
"Remember Belgium": Buy Bonds 4th Liberty Loan.
"Lend as They Fight": Buy More Liberty Bonds, undated.
"Goodbye Dad...” Third Liberty Loan, undated.
"Wear Your Button", Liberty Loan, undated.
"Remember the Flag of Liberty and Support It", Third Liberty Loan, undated.
"Shall We Be More Tender...” Second Liberty Loan, 1917.
"Help Them, Keep Your War Savings Pledge."
"Boys and Girls You Can Help Your Uncle Sam Win the War: Buy War Savings Stamps", undated.
"Remember Your First Thrill of American Liberty", Second Liberty Loan, 1917.
"June 28 is National War Savings Day", undated.

"Buy Liberty Bonds", Abraham Lincoln, undated.
"Buy a Bond of the Second Liberty Loan", President Wilson, undated.
"Shall We Be More Tender...", Second Liberty Loan of 1917.
"We'll Help you Win the War, Dad! with War Savings Stamps, undated.
"Provide the Sinews of War": Buy Liberty Bonds, undated.
"Help Him Win by Saving and Serving", undated.
"I am Telling You...", War Savings Stamp Enlistment, undated.

"Over the Top" Illinois!, War Savings Stamps, undated.
"Our Daddy is Fighting at the Front", Second Liberty Loan, undated.
WSS Enlistment Important Notice, undated.
"Remember and Invest", undated.
"Victory: Add the Fifth Point", Victory Liberty Loan, undated.
"They Give Their Lives", War Savings Stamps, undated.
"Blot it Out with Liberty Loans", undated.
"Ring it Again", Third Liberty Loan, undated.
"Women of America, Save Your Country, Buy War Savings Stamps", undated.
"Halt the Hun", Third Liberty Loan, undated.
"My Daddy Bought Me a Government Bond of the Third Liberty Loan", undated.

"Before Sunset...", Second Liberty Loan of 1917.
"Women! Help America's Sons Win the War", Second Liberty Loan of 1917.
"Buy a Liberty Bond", undated.
"Beat Back the Hun with Liberty Bonds", undated.

"Over the Top...", Third Liberty Loan, undated.
"Ring it Again", Second Liberty Loan of 1917.
"Are You 100% American?...", Third Liberty Loan, undated.
"That Liberty Shall Not Perish...", Fourth Liberty Loan, undated.

"Save Your Child from Autocracy and Poverty.", War Savings Stamps, undated.
"Clear the Way!", Fourth Liberty Loan, undated.
"V-Invest", undated.
"...And They Thought We Couldn't Fight", Liberty Loans, undated.

"Keep Him Free", War Savings Stamps, undated.
"Over the Top! Illinois.", War Savings Stamps, undated.
"Buy Today at Any Bank", Liberty Loan, undated.
"Fight or Buy War Bonds", Third Liberty Loan, undated.

"Must Children Die and Mothers Plead in Vain", Liberty Loan, undated.
"Home and Victory", Victory Liberty Loan, undated.
"Let's End It Quick with Liberty Bonds", undated.

"Help Our Town...", Third Liberty Loan Honor Roll, undated.
"And They Thought We Couldn't Fight.", Victory Liberty Loan, undated.
"Keep These Off the USA", Liberty Bonds, undated.
""Remember", Liberty Bonds, undated.
"Americans All", Victory Liberty Loan, undated.
"My Soldier...", War Savings Stamps, undated.

"They Keep the Sea Lines Open", Victory Liberty Loans, undated.
"Sure, We'll Finish the Job", Victory Liberty Loans, undated.
"Buy a Little Present for the Kaiser", Fourth Liberty Loan, undated.

"US Government Bond Liberty Loan of 1917 Will Pay You Interest Every ...Months", undated.
Fourth Liberty Loan, undated.
"To Make the World a Decent Place to Live", Third Liberty Loan, undated.

 POSTERS (Agriculture)
"Bake, Boil, and Broil; Fry Less", undated.
"Do Not Be Fooled By the Lies of the Enemy", undated.
"Sugar Means Ships", undated.
"Waste Nothing", undated.
"Save a Loaf a Week-Help Win the War."
"Save the Wheat-Use Less Wheat and Meat", undated. 

"Eat More Corn", undated.
"Keep It Coming", undated.
"Food-Don't Waste It", undated.
"Save A Loaf A Week", undated.
"Be Patriotic", undated.
Pork Eggs, Now for Winter Use", undated.
"Eat More Corn...Eat Less Wheat", undated.

"Eat Less Wheat, Meat, Fats, and Sugar; Send More to Europe", undated.
"Cardinal Mercier, Eat Less Wheat, Meat, Fats, and Sugar", undated.
"Eat More Fish", undated.
"War Rages in France...We Must Feed Them", undated.
"Blood or Bread", undated.
"Victory is a Question of Stamina", undated.

"Food is Ammo, Don't Waste It", undated.
Food and the War, undated.
"Feed a Fighter", undated.
Hunger, undated.
"Do Your Share", undated.
"Corn-Food of the Nation", undated.

"Food Control is a War Measure", undated.
Preserve, undated.

POSTERS (Marines)
"Three Types of Uncle Sam's Fighting Men", undated.
"How to Tell Uncle Sam's Soldier of the Sea", undated.
"Peasants Cheers as US Marines Leave for the Front", undated.
Devil Dog of America, undated.

"E-E-E Yah Yip, Go Over With US Marines", undated.
"Do Your Duty.", undated.
"He Did His Duty, Will You?", undated.
"Teufel Hunden", undated.
First in France, undated.

"This Device on Hat or Helmet Means US Marines", undated.
"If You Want to Fight, Join the Marines", undated.
"Premiers Qu Fue", undated.
"First to Fight in France for Freedom", undated.
US Marines: Democracy's Vanguard, undated.

"Your Country Calls...Join the Navy", undated.
Navy! Enlist in the Navy!", undated.
"Halt the Hun! Join the Navy, Naval Reserve, or Coast Guard", undated.
"I Want You for the Navy", undated.
"Enlist in the Navy", undated.

"See the World! Save Your Money! Serve the Nation!", undated.
"Your Country Needs You! Join the Navy", undated.
"Man the Guns of the Navy, Enlist!", undated.

USS Recruit Launched in Union Square, New York City, May 20, 1917.
Torpedo Boat Destroyers, undated.
Dreadnaught, undated.
USS Arkansas in Dry-dock, undated.
USS Tucker, undated.
"Life in the Navy", undated.
"What the Navy is Doing", undated.
"Depth Bombs Deal Death to U Boats", undated.
Warding off a Night Attack, undated.

"Only the Navy Can Stop This", undated.
"Will You Supply Eyes for the Navy", undated.
"Come On You Sea Cooks", undated.
"Join the Navy", undated.
"Your Country Needs You Now", undated.
"Follow the Boys in Blue", undated.
"A Wonderful Opportunity for All", undated.

"US Navy-Help Your Country-Enlist", undated.
"The Navy Needs You!", undated.
"All Together!", undated.

"Enlist in the Navy", undated.
"Follow the Flag-Enlist", undated.
"America Calls-Enlist", undated.
"Here He Is, Sir...We Need Him and You Too", undated.
"Help Deliver the Goods", undated.

"Over There", undated.
Unknown Navy poster, undated.

 POSTERS (Red Cross)
"I Summon You to the Comradeship", Woodrow Wilson, undated.
The First Three-"Give til' It Hurts-They Gave til' They Died", undated.
"Have You a Red Cross Service Flag", undated.
"Keep This Hand of Mercy at Its Work", undated.
"A Little Starving Child Brought Back to Life...", undated.
"Motherless Fatherless Starving", undated.
Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call, undated.
"A Masque of the Red Cross", undated.
"Have You Answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call", undated.
"Ten Million New Members by Christmas", undated.
December 16th-23rd, Red Cross Christmas Roll Call, undated.
"Hold Up Your End", undated.
Greatest Mother in the World, undated.

“Make Good the Promise", Second War Fund, undated.
Universal Membership Week, undated.
"Have You a red Cross Service Flag", undated.
Second War Fund, 1918.
"Join Here!", undated.
Red Cross Christmas Roll Call, undated.
"Junk", undated.
"10,000 Members by Christmas", undated.

"Greatest Mother in the World", undated.
Red Cross Truck, undated.

POSTERS (Service Organizations)

YMCA-"Lend Your Strength to the Red Triangle", undated.
YMCA-"For Your Boy", Second War Work Campaign, undated.
"Wilson, Taft, and Other National Leaders Indorse YMCA Work", undated.
Knights of Columbus-Three Million War Fund, undated.
"Knowledge Wins", undated.
"Hey Fellows!...", American Library Association, undated.
"See Him Through...", National Catholic War Council, undated.


Provisional Machine Gun Firing Manual, 1917.
Infantry Drill Regulations, 1917.
Field Artilleryman's Guide, undated.
Sheet music, "My Belgian Rose", 1918.


Company M 8th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1916.

Company C 110th Infantry, Camp Hancock, Augusta, Georgia, 1917.


Company Record Book for the Sheridan Troop Containing the Company Rolls; Quarterly Returns; Drills and Parades; Return of State Property; State Property Issued; Rifle and Pistol Practice; Brigade and Regimental Orders; Enlistment and Descriptive Records; and Annual Allowance Accounts, 1914-1917.

 Russell P. Barone Collection

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1918, undated.

Several unidentified group or unit photos, undated.
3rd Officers Training Camp, 28th Division Camp, Camp Hancock, 1918.

 Herbert R. Blouch Collection

PROGRAM, 1919.
Program of Review of Troops in LeMans and Laval Areas by Commander in Chief, American Expeditionary Forces, 1919.

 J. T. Burkett Collection

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1903, 1918, undated.
Privates Delylak and Ed Green, Company G 110th Infantry and a German POW, September 1918 near Varrenes-En-Argonne, France.

 ROSTER, 1917.
Roster for Company C 10th Pennsylvania Infantry, Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1917.

 Nathan Cohan Collection

MEMORABILIA, 1917-1920 (1 folder)

Banquet book for Company F 112th Infantry, Camp Hancock, Augusta, Georgia, November 1917.
Currency from Chamber of Commerce of Nancy, 1918 .
Special Orders Number 97, American Expeditionary Forces, France, April 1919.
Invitation to 28th Division Reunion, April 1920.

 PHOTOGRAPHS, undated.

Photographs from 28th Division play, "Who Are You?"

 Cyrus M. Coleman Collection

LITHOGRAPHS, undated., 1917
Three wartime era lithographs, undated., 1917.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1918, 1919, 1922, 1924, undated.
112th Infantry, Camp Hancock, Georgia, March 1918.

Panorama of Camp Lee, US National Army Containment, Petersburg, Virginia, undated.
Conferring Distinguished Crosses, 28th Division, Le Mans, France, undated.
112th Infantry Regiment, Le Mans, France, 1919.
Birdseye view of St. Gille, France, 1919.
View from northeast side of Montsec, undated.
Birdseye view of Chateua Thierry, 1919.

4th Platoon Headquarters Company, 112th Infantry, Le Mans, France, 1918-1919.
American Expeditionary Forces Cemetery, Fismes, France, undated.   

Panoramic Battlefield Photographs of the War, 1924.
General John Pershing, 1922.

PUBLICATIONS, 1917, 1919
List of Cirkut Photographs Made in France by Ewing, Inc. Commercial Photographers, undated.
Greetings, New Year's Day, American Expeditionary Forces, 1919.
The 28th Division in France by Eugene Gilbert (103rd Engineers, AEF), undated.
112th Infantry Army of the United States by Colonel George C. Rickards, 1917.

 ROSTERS, 1919
Roster of 4th Platoon Headquarters Company, AEF, Le Mans France, April 1919.

Roster of Headquarters Company, AEF, Le Mans France, April 1919.

 Henry Davis Collection

DIARY, 1915-1917. 
Diary of 1st Regiment Cavalry, Pennsylvania National Guard, 1915-1917.

Directory of the Pennsylvania National Guard and Roster of the Commissioned Officers, August 1917.

 George S. Denithorne Collection


Stars and Stripes, France, January 17, 1919.
Stars and Stripes, France, January 24, 1919.
Stars and Stripes, France, January 31, 1919.
Stars and Stripes, France, February 7, 1919.
Stars and Stripes, France, February, 14, 1919.
Stars and Stripes, February 21, 1919. 

The Sketch, January 1919.

Two French newspapers, 1918, 1919.
New York Herald, February 6, 1919.
Huntingdon Globe, May 1, 1919.
Huntingdon Globe, May 15, 1919.

WORLD WAR I MATERIAL, 1917-1919, undated.
Pocketbooks, undated., 1917.
Map of Argonne Forest, 1918.
Fliers, handbills, undated., 1919.
Newspaper Clippings, 1918.

Warren S. Donaldson Collection 

MAPS, 1911-1918, undated.

Thiau Court, 1918.
Argonne Forest, 1918.
Pames, 1918.
St. Menetould, 1918.
Fere-en-Tardenois, undated.  
Chambley, 1918.
Argonne Forest, undated.
Offensive of St. Mihiel Salient, 1918.
Chalons, undated.
Fesmes, 1918.
Jonchery, 1918.  
German Order of Battle, September 1918.
Conde-en-Brie, 1918.
Chateau Thierry, 1918.
Armies in France and Belgium, 1917.
Argonne Forest, 1918. 

Bridges across the Aisne River and Canals and important Roads, undated.
Chambley, 1918.
Captured German Road Map (Reproduction), 1918.
Bridges across River Vesle, 1918.
Thiaucort, 1918.
Area of quarries and deep natural shelters laid with snares or gassed by the enemy before falling back, undated.
Saissons, and Reims, undated.  
Abbeyville, 1915.
Liens, 1915.
Pannes, 1918.
Culchy-le-Chateau, 1918.
Chateau Thierry, 1918.
Fismes, 1918.
Travaux, Entrenching works, 1918.
Metz, 1918.
Chateau Thierry, 1918.
Seicheprey, 1918.
Chevauchee, 1918.
Argonne, 1918. 
Annex 3 Left Flank Attack, undated.
Annex 4 Right Flank Attack, undated.
Plan for Defence, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, August 1918.
Situation Map, July 18, 1918.
Map of enemy territory, undated.
Artillery map, undated.
Headquarters 3rd Army Corps, Office of Chief Signal Officer, Telephone Scheme of 3rd Corps, September 1918.
Location of units from 56th Headquarters Brigade, undated.
Plan of 55th/56th Brigades, undated.
Barrage Plans, August 1918.
Patrol route for the night of October 24/25, 1918.
Sketch to accompany raid report, October 1918.

 OFFICIAL FILES, 1918-1919. 

Official Files of the 56th Brigade, 1918-1919.  

Official Files of the 56th Brigade, 1918-1919. 3333


John W. Eshleman Collection


Discharge of John Eshleman, 1918.

Appointment of John Eshleman, 1919.

 Harry Eyer Collection

NEWSPAPERS, 1918, 1919. 
Trench and Camp, April 24, 1918.
The North American, May 15, 1919.
The North American, May 16, 1919.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1918, undated. 
Company C 103rd Engineers, 1918.
103rd Engineers, Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1918.

 Angelo Feroleto Collection

Buzancy, undated.
Two maps of Verdun, undated.
France, undated. 

Argonne Forest, 1918.
Meuse, 1918.
Buzancy, 1918.


Pennsylvania Division looking north of border at Camp Stewart, Texas, 1916.
Commanders of US Army, 1917.
Camp Stewart, Texas, undated.

 Howard T. Hardie Collection 

Instruction on Liaison for Troops of All Arms, 1918.
Card for Dinner for Canadian Pacific Ocean Forces, 1918.
Pamphlet for the Society of the 28th Division, American Expeditionary Forces, undated.
Pamphlet for Trianon Theatre, 1918.
Orders from Headquarters 2nd Army, 1918.

 Clara Hay Collection

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1916, 1918, 1919, undated. 
Camp Stewart, El Paso, Texas, undated.
Pennsylvania Division looking south from Camp Stewart, El Paso, Texas, 1916.
Unidentified, undated.
Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1916.
Two photographs of Company G, 110th Infantry, Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1918. 

28th Division, undated.
Conferring Service Crosses, Le Mans, France, undated.
Company G, 110th Infantry with roster, 1919.

George Hittle Collection

MAGAZINES, 1917-1919. 
Marines Magazine, January 1919.
The War Cry, December 22, 1917.
War service certificate, 1918.

Ivan Hollabaugh Collection

Telegram, 1918.
Orders from Headquarters, 1917-1919.
Furlough, undated.

CORRESPONDENCE (PERSONAL), 1906, 1918-1920. 
Postcard, undated.
Letters to and from Ivan from friends, 1906, 1918-1920.

MILITARY SERVICE SOUVENIRS, 1918-1919, undated. 

Invitation, undated.
Programs for Horse Shows, 1919.
Officers Roster, Headquarters 1st Division United States Army, 1919.
Military files, 1918-1919.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1918-1919, undated.
Unidentified photographs, undated., 1918-1919. 
Official views of French territory occupied by Germany from 1914-1918, 1914-1918. 

Major General Charles Muir, undated.

Postcard of Bellefonte High School football team, 1915-1916.
Festival of Allies Postcard, 1917.
News clippings from Bellefonte area, undated.

POSTCARDS (FRENCH), 1918, undated. 
Postcards of Metz, undated., 1918.   

Unidentified German postcards, undated. 
Postcards of Koin, Trier, and various other German landscape scenes, undated.
Relief Panorama of Rhein, undated.
Der Rhein Von Mainz Bis Koln, undated. 

The Moselle from Coblence to Trier, undated.

Die Mosel von bis Trier, undated.

Stars and Stripes, February 1919-April 1919. 
New York Herald, December 18, 1918. 

Watch on the Rhine, February 27, 1919.
American Daily Mail, November 8, 1918. 

G-2, 4th Army Corps American Expeditionary Forces Souvenir Booklet, 1919

Journal of Operations of the 28th Division AEF, 1917-1918.
The Watch on the Rhine, undated.  

Flyer for Headquarters Troop I Reunion, 1927.

Advertisement for book on the 28th Division, undated.

John R. Johnsonbaugh Collection

GENERAL ORDERS, Memoranda, 1918
General Orders #19 AEF, France, 1918.
Memorandum #8, AEF, 1918.

Postcards of different scenes and weapons from World War I, undated.


The Noble Spirit Magazine, 1929.
16th Annual Convention Program for Veterans of World War I of the USA, Inc. and Their Ladies Auxiliaries
Proceedings of the 39th Annual Convention of the Society of the 28th Division AEF, 1969.

Mabel S. Knight Collection

PHOTGRAPHS, 1908, 1919 
Photographs of unit taken in Harrisburg, 1919.
Photograph of building in Vannes-France, 1919.
Mabel Slicer Knight, 1908.

Edward Lightner Collection

Instructions for the Intelligence Service of an Infantry Regiment by the War Department, Office of the Chief of Staff, 1918.
Maps used by the 111th Infantry, undated., 1918.
"Notes on the Interpretation of Aeroplane Photographs", 1918.
Plates showing aerial views and gun emplacements, 1918.   

Maps used during June 1918 showing front line and German divisions, Belleau Wood, 1918.
Vauquois, 1918.
Three maps of Chateau Thierry, 1918.
Verdun, undated.
La Ferte Milan, undated.
Offensive of St. Mihiel salient, 1918.
Two maps of France, undated.
Common types of German planes in use during 1917-1918.
Geheim, 1918.
Fere-en-Tardenos, 1918.
Automobile and bicycle routes for France and Belgium, undated.

Christmas greeting to Lightner, 1917.
Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegram, 1918.

NEWSCLIPPINGS, 1916-1918, 1934. 
Newspaper clippings from Sunbury concerning military and National Guard, 1916-1918, 1934.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1916-1917. 
Company D 18th Infantry, Pittsburgh, 1916-1917.
18th Infantry "Duquesne Greys", Camp Christopher M. Anderson, Pittsburgh, August 1917.
18th Pennsylvania Infantry, Schenley, Park, August 1917.

Invitation to 111th Infantry 10th Annual Reunion, 1928.
Program for Annual Reunion of 11th Infantry Veterans' Association, 1928.
Unit history of the Duquesne Greys of the City of Pittsburgh, 1931.
Bulletin of 111th Infantry Veterans' Association, 1931.

D.R. McKinney Collection

Memo of Headquarters 103rd Ammunition Train, 1919.
Program of the YMCA, 1919.
Mother's Day card from YMCA, 1918.

Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, 1918.

Fletcher McKnight Collection

Correspondence and postcards from Fletcher McKnight, 1918-1919.

MAGAZINES, 1918, 1920. 
Lauie Parisienne, 1920.
La Illustration, 1918.

Montsec, 1918.
Thiaucort, 1918.
Reims, undated. 

Map of routes for automobiles and bicycles in Paris, undated. 

Three maps of routes for automobiles and bicycles in France, undated.

NEWSPAPERS, 1918, 1919. 
Trench and Camp, April 17, 1918.
San Francisco Chronicle, August 2, 1918.
Stars and Stripes, March 21, 1919.
Stars and Stripes, March 28, 1919.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1918, 1919, undated
General Muir at Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1918.
Camp Hancock, undated.
View looking northwest from mouth of a coal pit showing the devastated coal regions of northern France, 1919.

POSTCARDS (CAMP HANCOCK, GA and CAMP DIX, NJ), 1918, undated. 

Postcards of various scenes from Camp Hancock, Georgia and Camp Dix, New Jersey, undated., 1918-1919.

POSTCARDS (FRENCH), 1914-1918. 

Postcards of various scenes from Paris and Metz, 1914-1918.
French tour guides, 1918.

Postcard albums of Burg Eltz, Wiesbaden, Coblenz, Der Rhein, Moseltal, undated.
Two loose postcards, undated.
Postcard albums Die Mosel, Koln, and Burg Cochen, undated.
Loose postcards of scenes from Germany, undated.


Postcards of various scenes Salvation Army sites during World War I, undated.

World War One French poster, undated.
World War One German poster, undated.

PUBLICATIONS (GERMAN), 1918, undated. 
Clippings from German newspapers and magazines, undated. 1918.

To Homeward Bound Americans, 1919.
Care of American Materiel: Accidents of Fire, 1917.
Program of Training in Gas Defense, 1917.
War Cyclopedia: A Handbook for Ready Reference of the Great War, 1918.

The 28th Division in France, undated.
Programs for Hose and transportation shows, 1918-1919.
Ricochets from Camp Hancock, 1918.
The 28th Division in France, undated.
Programs for Hose and transportation shows, 1918-1919.
Ricochets from Camp Hancock, 1918.

William A. March Collection

MAPS, 1914, undated. 
Plan for Offensive Counter Preparation, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, undated.
Plan for Offensive Counter Preparation, North Sub-sector, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, undated.
Plan for Offensive Counter Preparation, South Sub-sector, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, undated.
German map of Chateau-Thierry, Versailles, and surrounding areas, 1914. 

Armies of Flanders, undated.

Correspondence, 1920. 

Program for the 50th Anniversary of the 2nd Regiment Infantry, 1929, 1930.
Program for Reunion of 108th Field Artillery, 28th Division, 1920, 1940.
Program for dinner in Honor of Monsieur Ferdinand Foch, 1921.

Memoranda and orders, 108th Field Artillery, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, 1918. 

Memoranda and orders,108th Field Artillery, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, November-December, 1918. 

Memoranda and orders,108th Field Artillery, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, January, 1919.

Memoranda and orders,108th Field Artillery, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, February, 1919.
Memoranda and orders,108th Field Artillery, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, March, 1919.
Memoranda and orders,108th Field Artillery, 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, April-August, undated., 1919.

Headquarters Company 108th Field Artillery, Le Mans, France, 1919.
Battery A 108th Field Artillery, Le Mans, France, 1919.

Six regiments of artillery on review, largest artillery review since 1865, El Paso, Texas, 1917.
Pennsylvania Division, Camp Stewart, El Paso, Texas, 1916.

ROSTER, 1919
Roster of 108th Field Artillery, 28th Division AEF, France, 1919.

Harry Mull Collection

US Army Infantry Drill Regulations, 1919.
Army and Navy Servicebook, 1918.
US Army Field Service Regulations, 1908.
Handbook of the Browning Automatic Rifle Model 1918, 1918.
Programs, 1919.


Two panoramic photographs of Camp Dix, New Jersey, US Army Containment, 1918.

William Murphy Collection

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1916-1917.  

Photographs of 18th Infantry, Company M, Pennsylvania National Guard, on Mexican Border, 1916-1917.

Lucilla Davis Oliver Collection


News clippings covering mostly training and other exercises at camp, undated., 1918-1919.
Programme for the Welcome Home of the 28th Division, United States Army, 1919.
Some Words of President Wilson about Religion, 1918.

Unidentified Photographs of nursing scenes.

John Owens Collection

Handwritten Reminiscence of Owens' Pennsylvania National Guard service, 1907-1946.
Remarks about Company I 1st Regiment, 1974.
Roster of the Last Man of Forty Veterans, 1962, 1968, 1970.
Roster of Companies K 109th Infantry, 1974.
Fismette, France, 1918.
Two photographs of Owens, undated., 1917.

Henry Armstrong North Piersol Collection

Appointment to the rank of First Lieutenant of Infantry for the Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, 1918.

Company C 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, Mt. Gretna, 1918.
Officers Instruction Camp, Mt. Gretna, 1918.
Company G 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, Gettysburg, 1919.

Joseph H. Rose Collection

"The Last Night of the War", 1919.
Roster of Company E, 109th Infantry, 1917.
Recognition certificate of Joseph Rose for serving with honor and being wounded in world war, undated.

La Pays de France, October 19, 1916.
Le Petit Journal, 1917.
Le Miroir, November 14, 1918. 

Punch, November 13, 1918.
"Scraps of Paper”: German Proclamations in Belgium and France, 1918. 
Mid-Week Pictorial, November 8, 1917.

Postcards, undated., 1917.
War Manpower Commission training certificate, undated.
Prayer book in Latin (from the Battlefield of France), 1918.

Short History and Photographic Record of the First Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry National Guard US, 1918.

Harold Rudy Collection

Photo of boy with WWI helmet and stick.
Photo of German POW camp.
Photo of WWI barracks.
Photo of Kitchen patrol.
Photo of Kitchen staff and others outside barracks.
Photo of German POW tents.
Postcard of cross monument with German writing.
Postcard of human skeletal remains in WWI trench.
Postcard of skeletal remains in trees.
Postcard of four officers outside of camouflaged building.
Postcard of soldiers marching to Meuse.

Edwin F. Stiles Collection

Company F 110th Infantry, Germany, France, 1919

Daniel B. Strickler Collection


Binarville, 1918.
Verdun, 1918.
Moiremont, 1918. 

Fismes, undated. 

Dun-sur-Meuse, 1918.
Fere-en-Tardenois, 1918.
Oulchy-le-Chateau, undated.
Buzancy, 1918.
Berry-Au-Bac, undated.

The Iron Division in the World War: The National Guard of Pennsylvania by H.G. Proctor, 1919.

James Thompson Collection

INDEX, PROGRAM, 1918, undated.
Christmas Program, 1918.

Wassigny, undated.
Amiens, 1915.
North West Europe, 1915.
France, undated.

oversized folder 2

Amiens, 1915.
Verdun, 1911.
Commercy, 1912.
Buzancy, 1918.
Lorraine Front, undated.
France, undated.

James Thompson Collection

PROGRAM, 1919. (1 folder) 
Program of Review of Troops in LeMans and Laval Areas by Commander in Chief, American Expeditionary Forces, 1919.

E.H. Woomer Collection

Company G 110th Infantry, Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1918.
Machine Gun Troop 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, 1917.

Carl Zember Collection

Scene at Camp Hancock, undated.
Company C 107th Machine Gun Battalion, November 1917.

History of 112th Infantry, Army of the United States by Colonel George C. Rickards, 1917.

MG-284Leroy Horlacher Papers

Leroy Horlacher (b. 1894 - d. ?) was a conscientious objector during World War I who was imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and Alcatraz, California from 1918 through 1920. He was also a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W. or the Wobblies) from 1915 to 1921. Under the leadership of William Haywood, the I.W.W. called for all workers, whether skilled and unskilled alike, to unite into a single union. Members of the I.W.W. found themselves prime targets of the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sabotage and Sedition Acts passed in 1918. Amidst the ensuing 11,500 arrests of socialists and "Wobblies," William Haywood was forced to flee to the Soviet Union in order to avoid a long imprisonment.

The Horlacher papers include correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous materials relating to the Industrial Workers of the World. The correspondence is mainly from his aunt, Mrs. Anna Evans, of Philadelphia, who tried to get him released from prison, and who wrote to the Committee of Friends of Conscientious Objectors, the National Civil Liberties Bureau, and the American Civil Liberties Union in 1919. Other correspondence is from sympathetic persons, some in a similar situation. The photographs and miscellaneous materials document barracks life, while the remaining pamphlets, poems, and a newspaper article relate to the I.W.W.

Letters to Leroy Horlacher, 1918-20

1918 - Nov. 10, from Fred Gerhart & Chas. Miller, to L.H., Dismissal Stockade, n. d.

1919 - to L.H., Fort Leavenworth, Alcatraz, Calif. From  Aunt Anna Evans, Phila.

Duyer, Wm. M., Alcatraz, to L. H., Brandywine

Baily, Joshua, Jr., San Diego & Paul J. Byllott, to L. H., Leavenworth

Lieberman, Joseph, to Lewis J. Gergots, Fort Leavenworth

1920 - Bois, Alex, Hazleton, Aunt Anna, Phila., Harry Clave, Ft. Douglas, Utah, Lewis Gergots to L. H., Alcatraz & Philadelphia.

To Remington Horlacher, Phila. from Adj. Gen & War Dept.

 Letters to Aunt Anna Evans, Phial., 1919

1919, Furnas, Paul J., Jules Wortsman, Committee of Friends of C.O., National Civil Liberties Bureau, mer. Civil Liberties Union Anna Evans

 Pamphlets, 1915, n.d.

American First, “One Big Industrial Union," Amnesty Political prisoners,"

“Mexico whose War?" "Raids on Reds" and "Our Civil Liberty," "I.W.W. ," "Voices from Russia," "Mother Earth," Vol. X, Sept. 1915, "Preamble and Constitution of the I.W.W." n.d.

 Poems, n.d.

The International, the Russians Warning, "The Aisland bv the Saea," Christians at War

 Pass & Membership Books, 1915-21

U.S. Disciplinary Barracks permission for L. H. to eat "Short Orders," breakfast, dinner & supper

Membership Books, Industrial Works of the World, 1915-21

 Pictures, ca. 1918-20

Barracks (some identified), personal, Hazleton ratios, mounted police "near riot" scene, C.O. meeting at Yorkville Casino, Dec. 15, 1920.

 Newspaper, 1922

Industrial Solidarity (Official Organ of I.W.W.), July, 1, 1922

 Misc. 1918, 1935

Report of Treatment of C.O., Camp Funston Guard House, n.d.; Xmas Menu, 1918- Ft. Leavenworth; Petition for return of C.O.; Night Letters to Pres. Wilson; affidavit for Edward Doree, I.W.W. Organizer, 1925; Clippings; 2 post cards

MG-285 Pennsylvania Railroad Photograph Collection

WWI and WWII troop transport, and the employment of women.

MG–348 Martin G. Brumbaugh Papers, 1879-1919

These papers provide an important perspective on how Pennsylvania State government interacted with the federal government during WWI.  Governor Brumbaugh’s Executive Correspondence from 1915-1919 details the state’s adjutant general’s office with federal military officials in Washington, D.C.  It also sheds light on the state’s role with registration, draft and conscription boards throughout Pennsylvania.

MG-356 Daniel B. Strickler Collection


Orders, 1918, 1921-1922, 1942-1953.


Work Sheets for Memoirs and Life History, 1917, 1942, 1950-1952.

Photograph Binder #3, 1916-1957.

  • Sgt. Strickler, 4th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1916.

PUBLISHED MATERIAL, 1919-1974 & undated.

"Cause of the Great War", 1919.

UNIT HISTORIES AND ROSTERS, 1917-1952 & undated.

28th, 106th, 108th, 109th, nd.
Co. C & Co. B, 109th Machine Gun Battalion, 1917-1918.

MG-359 104th Cavalry, Pennsylvania National Guard Veteran's Association Collection


Roll of Honor: A Directory of Casualties of the Great War of Democracy (1914-1918) of Harrisburg, 1919.


Album, undated.

CORRESPONDENCE, 1917-1975 & undated. (4 folders)

  • Sketch drawing of Bill Jones, undated.
  • Bill Jones to Ms. PJ Arnold, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to Dear Father and All, 1918. (4 letters)
  • Bill Jones to Miss ES Jones, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Sister, undated, 1918 (2 letters)
  • Bill Jones to Dear Sister and All, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Bro (Lewis J. Jones), 1919.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Lewis, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Sister and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Brother, undated.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother and All, 1918. (4 letters)
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Lewis, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones My Dear Brother from Camp Hancock, undated.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Sister and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, undated.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918. (2 letters)
  • Portion of letter of Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to Dear Mother and All, 1918 (on postcard).
  • G. Jarvis to Dear Friend Mrs. Jarvis, undated.
  • Bill Jones, to Dear Mother, undated.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Aunt and Uncle, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Brother, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Sister, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Sister, undated.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Aunt and Uncle, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Father, Mother, and All, 1918. 
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.
  • Telegram from Governor William W. Scranton to Bill Jones, 1964, 1965.
  • Bill Jones to Dear Sister from Camp Hancock, undated.
  • Bill Jones to Dear Sister, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to Dear Sister and All, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to Dear All, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Brother, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Lewis from Camp Hancock, undated.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Aunt and Uncle, 1919.
  • Bill Jones to Dear Mother and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Sister and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.
  • Bill Jones to My Dear Mother, Father, and All, 1918.

DIARY, [ca. 1918

Unknown diary from World War I era.

MAPS, 1918, 1968 & undated. 

  • France, undated.
  • 28th Division Chateau-Thierry Sector, 1918; Champagne-Marne Defensive; Aisne-Marne Defensive, 1918.
  • Lampernisse-Nord, undated.
  • Courtrai, undated.
  • Zusammendruck, undated.
  • Army Fronts in France and Belgium, undated.

ORDERS, 1917-1919, 1937.

General Orders No. 19 from Headquarters 28th Division, A.E.F., 1918.

  • Troop Order #13 from Armory Troop C, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry National Guard, 1917.
  • General Orders No. from Headquarters A.E.F., General John J. Pershing, 1919.
  • General Orders No. 1, Department of Pennsylvania, Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US, 1937.
  • Special Order #25, Headquarters 107th Machine Gun Battalion, 1918.


Soldiers carrying a flag-draped casket of Eugene E. Davis from a chapel, World War I era.

  • Casket of Eugene R. Davis being carried by horse-drawn coach, World War I era.
  • Unknown soldier standing for portrait, World War I era.
  • Group of young boys sitting at Camp Hoffer, 1909.
  • Group of young ladies stand for portrait in front of building, World War I era.
  • Eight soldiers standing for review, World War I era.
  • Young cadets posing outside a chapel, World War I era.
  • Group of children posing outside building at Barizey Au Plain, France, 1919.
  • East Harrisburg VFW Band, World War I era.
  • Red Cross nurses, World War I era.
  • Post 27 American Legion Home, 37th Reunion of Governors' Troop, 1917.
  • World War I Governors' Troop Reunion, 44th Anniversary of their departure from Harrisburg on September 11, 1917, 1961.
  • World War I Governors' Troop Reunion, 45th Anniversary, Sept. 15th, 1962
  • World War I Governors' Troop Reunion, 42nd Anniversary of their departure from Harrisburg on September 11, 1917, 1959
  • Two photographs of 1917 Governors' Troop Association Reunion, 1959.
  • Annual Reunion of Governors' Troop 40th Anniversary of their departure from Harrisburg on September 11, 1917, 1957.
  • Captain Roberts speaking to troops at Camp Hancock, Georgia, 1917.
  • Breaking camp at Augusta, Georgia, November 1917.
  • Mail call, Augusta, September 1917.
  • Captain Roberts of Governor's Troop giving instructions at Camp Hancock, September 1917.
  • Bill Cowan, Augusta, 1917.
  • Wilson of Governor's Troop, Camp Hancock, 1917.
  • Ty Cobb's son at Augusta Arsenal 1917.
  • Governor's Troop, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry leaving Harrisburg for World War I, 1917.
  • "The gang" at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Georgia, 1917.
  • Breaking up of Troop C 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry at Camp Hancock, November 1917.
  • Sergeant Fink, Governor's Troop, 1917.
  • Geisel and Weikel, Camp Hancock, 1917.
  • Bugler William Jones at Harrisburg Armory on State Street, 1917.
  • Bugler William Hill Jones of Governor's Troop 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry at Troop Armory in Harrisburg, 1917.
  • Dick Singer and buglers of 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, 1917.
  • Bugler of Governor's Troop at Harrisburg Armory, 1917.
  • Governor's Troop leaving Harrisburg on September 11, 1917.
  • 30 August 1917-Troop C,1st Penna. Cavalry N.G, Harrisburg PA, 1 long row of men in uniform with 2 smaller rows behind them, in front of white building-8 x 38.5 in
  • 30 August 1917-1st Penna. Cavalry, Harrisburg PA, 1 long row of men in uniform with 2 smaller rows behind them, in front of a white building,8 x 38.25 in.
  • 17 July 1919-A relaxed picture of 4 rows of men, in dress clothes, with some men laying down, [illegible words]- 8 x 42.75 in

POSTERS, undated.

  • "For Home and Country," Victory Liberty Loan, undated.
  • "This is Your America; Keep it Free," undated.
  • "Do Your Share," United States Food Administration, undated.
  • "Food From Corn," United States Food Administration, undated.
  • "Buy More Liberty Bonds," 1918.
  • "Feed A Fighter," United States Food Administration, undated.

ROSTERS, 1917.

Governor's Troop, World War I, 1917.


War Album, World War I era.

UNIT HISTORIES, 1914-1974 & undated

  • With the Twenty-Eighth Division A.E.F., 1917-1918. (2 copies)
  • Society of the Twenty-Eighth Division A.E.F. Convention Year Book, 1937.
  • Constitution and By-Laws of the Society of the 28th Division, undated.
  • The 28th Division in France by Eugene Gilbert, 1918. (3 copies)
  • Homeward Bound, Printed on Board the USS Grant for the Soldiers and Sailors to Commemorate the Homeward Bound Voyage of the 77th Division, 1917.
  • Activities and Citations of the 53rd Field Artillery Brigade, Twenty-Eighth Division, US Army, World War, 1914-1918, 1919.

MG-409 - Oral History Collection

  • Military Nurses Project, 1971, 1972. (22 tapes; 25 interviews; 24 hours) {#409m.19}
    • Interview of nurses who served in World War I and World War II. Originals at the Smithsonian Institution.

RG-13 – Records of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Photographs, Slides and Negatives, 1980-present.
Five 8" x 10" glossy black and white prints of WWI Engineer's Pontoon Boat with carrying wheels.


19.8 - Card Records of National Naval Volunteers from Pennsylvania, 1917.
3" by 5" cards originally filed in the Office of the State Adjutant General, concerning naval volunteers from Pennsylvania who served in the First World War. The cards indicate the name, rating, and residence (town and state) of the volunteers, the date and place where they were enrolled into the service; and the battalion or division to which they were assigned.

19.24 - Draft Board Records, Consisting Primarily of Lists Of Persons Whose Registration Cards Were In The Possession Of Their Local Board, [ca. 1917-1918].
A record of Pennsylvanians drafted into military service during World War I, whose registration records were held by local draft boards. This series contains registration and induction lists, which include information such as the draftee's name, postal address, and age. At times the occupation of the person is also recorded. The lists are generally arranged by registration number of registrant; several boards include lists arranged alphabetically by the registrants' last names. Not all registrants served; see folders titled "Final Induction Report" for a listing of the soldiers inducted. The folders titled "Papers" include: correspondence between the local board and the Adjutant General's Office requesting office supplies, clarification of Selective Service regulations and exemptions, corrections to individual registrants' registration numbers, or requests for payment of clerical staff. Folders labeled "History" includes: biographic information for members of local Draft Boards, sometimes including photographs; histories of local Draft Boards, varying from simple to elaborate, in response to a request from the War History Commission; reports of Legal Advisory Boards; reports of Medical Examiners; pleas for exemption of individual registrants or inductees from employers and relatives of same. The folders titled "Adjutant General's Office Correspondence" include pleas for exemption of individual registrants or inductees from employers and relatives of same, as well as birth and/or marriage certificates of typically foreign born individuals who were registered/inducted unaware of their actual age, presented to support their effort to obtain exemption or discharge.

19.39 - Memoranda, Field Orders and Operation Instructions of the American Expedition Forces in France, 1918-1919.
Includes secret orders and detailed plans for attacking the enemy that were issued by the headquarters of the divisions of the American Expeditionary Force in France. Also found are detailed intelligence reports on the positions and movements of German forces.

19.51 - Photographs of the American Expeditionary Forces, 28th Division, in France, 1918-1919.
Photographs taken by the Photographic Unit of the 28th Division of the American Expeditionary Force in France during the First World War. Photographs are identified by serial numbers and accompanying typed caption sheets provide some information about the subject matter. Among the subjects are scenes of damaged buildings, devastated battlefields and towns, construction details of trenches, military cemeteries, field hospitals, American and French soldiers and officers, and captured German prisoners of war.

19.73 - Selective Service Regulations, Circular Letters and Bulletins, 1917-1919.
Among the items in the series are three bound volumes containing circular letters, bulletins, and samples of various selective service forms issued from 1917 through 1919 by the Selective Service Headquarters in Harrisburg by Major General William G. Murdock, State Draft Executive Officer under Pennsylvania Adjutant General Frank D. Beary. Also included is Brigadier General Thomas J. Stewart's bound copy of the Selective Service Regulations prescribed by the President of the United States under the authority invested in him by the terms of the Selective Service Law passed by congress on May 16, 1917.

19.74 - Selective Service Rosters for Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Inductees, 1917-1918.
A record of men inducted into the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps by the selective service system in Pennsylvania. Typed and bound manuscripts compiled by Major William G. Murdock, State Draft Executive, for Brigadier General Frank D. Beary, Adjutant General of Pennsylvania. Only Allegheny through Perry counties are covered by the records. Each "Final Induction Report" includes the draft order number; name of registrant, date of induction; call number; the post, station or camp; date of acceptance or rejection; and, if needed, dates of discharge for cases in which the applicant was discharged after having been accepted at camp.

19.86 - Undelivered Discharge Certificates, 1918-1919.
Consists of several discharges for soldiers attached to the United States Army during World War I. Entries on the certificates give the soldiers' names, ranks, serial numbers, military units, birthplaces, ages (at enlistment), occupations, physical descriptions (height, complexion, eye and hair color), physical condition, and marital status; the dates and places where enlisted and discharged; the reasons for discharge; and the names of the persons processing the discharges. Particulars about wounds received in service, battles participated in and vocational knowledge possessed is also noted.

19.88 - United States Army Signal Corps Telegrams, 1919.
These telegrams addressed to 28th Division Headquarters in France frequently request information on the causes of death and the locations of graves of Pennsylvania soldiers who died in combat. Detailed handwritten notations on the telegrams often provide very considerable information on the precise location of graves, when and where a soldier was wounded or killed, and the name of the chaplain who was present. Such notations also document when soldiers were missing in action.

19.90 - World War I Veterans Military Service Discharge Papers, circa 1919.
A miscellaneous file of undelivered and returned discharge certificates. The records generally provide the veterans' names, ratings earned, dates enlisted, periods of enlistment, training acquired, and ratings on such matters as sobriety, obedience, and average standing during the term of enlistment. A description section provides the date and place of birth, age, height and weight, hair and eye color, complexion, personal distinguishing characteristics, and the percentage of time on the sick list. Returned certificates sometimes have the original envelopes attached with the reason for the return or letters from the veteran requesting information about additional pay or benefits for which they believed themselves to be eligible.

19.91 - World War I Veterans Service and Compensation File, 1917-1919, 1934-1948.
Arranged by service branch and there under alphabetically by surname of veteran.

The file contains service records consisting of Service Statement Cards, Compensation Applications and War Service Record survey questionnaires filled out by World War I veterans in 1920 for the Pennsylvania War History Commission. An "Out of State" category also exists for persons who applied to the Commonwealth for a bonus but were unable to substantiate Pennsylvania residency. Any of the following may be found:

Service Statement Cards. Entries may show the name, rank, serial number, race, birthplace, age (and sometimes date of birth), and residence of the veteran; the military organization or unit to which he was attached; the dates of assignments and transfers; the engagements served in; the date of any wounds received; and the dates of overseas service and discharge.

Compensation Applications. Entries normally provide such information as the name, rank, serial number, race, date and place of birth, legal residence at time of application and enlistment, places and dates where enrolled and discharged, and the period of service. Data concerning engagements involved in, wounds suffered, dates of service overseas, and the names and addresses of dependents are also included. The documents are signed and dated by the applicant.

War Service Record of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines consist of survey questionnaires filled out by World War I veterans in 1920 for the Pennsylvania War History Commission. Normally the questionnaire gives the name; postal address and county of residence; age and at entry into service; date of entry into service; and the military unit, regiment, and company to which attached. Information about the veteran's next of kin, their address, and relationship; and particulars regarding dates and places of residence since the beginning of service are also provided.

19.94 - Alphabetical List of Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, undated.
A typed list providing the name, company, and regiment of each person who served as a member of the Pennsylvania Reserve Militia during World War I.

19.135 - Veterans Card File, circa 1867-1948.
Consists of 4" x 6" cards originally maintained by the Office of the Adjutant General. Data generally shown about each veteran includes name, rank, age, physical description (height, complexion, hair and eye color), occupation and residence; the date and place of enlistment; the date and reason for discharge; and the unit (company and regiment) to which assigned. Information about federal service rendered by the veteran and the date of death or first appearance in the military records also routinely appears.

19.136 - World War I Muster Rolls for the Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, 1918-1921.
Record of persons who served in the Pennsylvania Reserve Militia during the First World War. Included in this series are the Abstract of Daily Roll Call and Muster and Pay Roll, the Muster-Inn Rolls, and the Muster-Out Rolls. Information provided about each militia member generally includes the name, rank, physical description (height, complexion, and color of eyes and hair), age, birthplace, occupation, marital status, and residence; the military unit, station, and commanding officer to which assigned; and service enrollment date. The Muster-Out rolls also provide the date and type of discharge received.  The Pennsylvania Reserve Militia was organized after the Pennsylvania National Guard was federalized for active duty in WWI.

War History Commission (World War I)
19.188 - General File, 1915-1920, 1928.
A file composed of diverse types of documents assembled by the War History Commission between the end of the war and 1928 providing information about the activities of American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I. Included in the series are various types of material including troop rosters, weekly strength reports for military organizations in combat, and daily reports of changes in assignments or military status for both enlisted men and officers. Also found are summaries of intelligence reports, training memoranda, daily operations journals and reports, extracts from General Pershing's cabled communiques, field orders, and reports on enemy chemical projectiles. War diaries; daily records of events kept while in campaign by each battalion and higher organization and by each ammunition supply, engineer, and sanitary train; provide valuable details regarding the daily operation of the American war effort. There are also detailed narrative field reports made by company commanders to their superiors, daily reports of casualties and other changes presented to the Adjutant General, and narrative reports of the activities of each of the naval districts during the war. Among items of particular interest are the diary of Maryan Michael Smolenski of the Detroit Sanitarium who enlisted with the 28th Division in 1917 and copies of the official United States Information Bulletin published by the Committee on Public Information chaired by George Creel. Information collected after the war includes Division Yearbooks, group photographs from the Free Public Library in Philadelphia of each Pennsylvania military unit taken in 1918, newspaper clippings, and copies of private journals and magazines containing historical accounts of the war.

19.189 - Maps, [ca. 1918-1919]. (165 items)
A collection of European topographical and road maps of France and Germany depicting the highways, secondary roads, mountains, rivers, and creeks in the areas where the American Expeditionary Forces participated in military campaigns.

19.190 - Newspapers and Clippings, 1920-1921.
A collection of contemporary newspapers and newspaper clippings containing troop rosters and accounts of the activities of the 28th Division in France during World War I. Among the items included are copies of the Stars and Stripes covering the period from June 12, 1920 through May 21, 1921.

19.191 - Photographs, 1919.
A collection of labeled photographs taken between January 24, 1919 and April 19, 1919, together with approximately twenty photographs dated only by the year 1919. The subject matter includes group portraits of companies and their officers comprising the 28th Division. Also present are views of the countryside and buildings in France including scenes at Vaux, Chateau Thierry, the Woevre Valley at Fresne, Vigneville, and Argonne where the 28th Division saw action or was stationed. Accompanying caption sheets provide descriptions of the subjects photographed.

19.196 - World War I Service Medal Application Cards, circa 1938-1950.
These cards were originally submitted by veterans and their survivors who applied for service medals in accordance with the Act of April 21, 1937, P.L. 331, Sections 1 and 2. Information provided about each veteran consists of name and serial number, place of residence at time of entry into service, date and place the veteran entered into service, rank, military unit to which attached, place and date of honorable discharge, and the signature of the applicant. Also present are the initials of the person by whom the remittance was received and of the person acting on behalf of the Adjutant General, and each card is stamped with the date of approval. The reverse side of each card shows the name of the veteran or survivor applying for the medal, and the residence to which the medal was to be mailed.

19.229 - Unit Histories, 1891-1997.
Published and unpublished histories of units of the Pennsylvania National Guard, many associated with the 28th Division, comprise this series. Some of the more prominent units represented include the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, 109th Infantry Regiment, 109th Field Artillery, 110th Infantry Regiment, 111th Infantry Regiment, and the 213th Coastal Artillery. The files contain orders, personal memoirs and battle reports, maps, photographs, pamphlets and publications, rosters, and personnel and officer information. A report entitled "Lineage and Honors" provides synopsis histories of many units of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Some units are better represented than others, and the years represented for a particular unit vary significantly. Other files, such as press releases, histories of Fort Indiantown Gap, and correspondence from the Adjutant General's Office, are also included since they relate to the units represented.

19.236 - Service Records of World War I Civilian Welfare Workers, [ca. 1917-1918].
Documents the involvement of Pennsylvanians who served as civilian welfare workers during WWI in organizations such as the: American Red Cross, YMCA, Knights of Columbus, PRR Women’s Division War Relief, and many others. Records list name, address, next of kin, age at entrance into service, name of organization, dates of entering and of leaving service, position held, camp served plus towns/sector served if overseas service, decorations or citations received, casualties sustained, and a brief statement of experiences. A few records provide detailed accounts of the individual’s civilian service. Some records include photographs of the individual and/or photographs depicting the individual’s work location. Records include those of both male and female workers.

19.237 - Service Records of Pennsylvanians Who Entered Allied Units during World War I,
[ca. 1917-1918].

Records document the Pennsylvania men who entered the service of the British Government during WWI, through the British Consulate. As the United States was neutral the Consulate could not accept American citizens, therefore, the men gave birthplace somewhere in the British Dominions. Without question of doubt the larger portion of these names are those of Americans who enlisted before United States entered the war, or afterwards, having been rejected by our own Boards, due to some physical disability” (from the files of the British Consulate, 224 S. Third Street, Philadelphia). The records list name, address, year of birth, nationality, place of birth, employer’s name, employer’s address, occupation, marital status, general information regarding organization served, dates of assignments and dates of transfers. A few records provide detailed accounts of the individual’s service and/or a photograph of the individual.

19.242 - Photographs and Cartoons, 1917-1981.
Photographic prints, film negatives, photo-copies, and related records documenting the activities of the officers and men of the 28th Division. These include training, drill, parades and related activity. Most images are located at Fort Indiantown Gap, Boalsburg, and other Pennsylvania National Guard facilities around the Commonwealth. Some images show troops in Germany during WW II. All photographs are black and white and most are unlabeled. Highlights include a Liberty Loan Parade (1918), General John J. Pershing's visit to Philadelphia (1919), dedication of the 28th Division Shrine at Boalsburg (1954), and Armed Forces Day (1954). Also included are cartoons by Walter Munson.

19.244 - Orders, 28th Division, 1917-1919 – Booklets with packets of General Orders, Special Orders, Memoranda, and Telegrams of the 28th Division in the United States and France during and after World War I.

19.252 - County Listing of WWI Bonuses Paid, 1931-1948.
County indexes of World War I veterans. These indexes list the veterans from each county, and whether or not they applied for and received a service compensation bonus. Only surnames from A to L are included. Each listing gives the service number, name of veteran, residence, and whether a bonus was paid or no claim filed.



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